“The Crow” Halloween Makeup, Eric Draven, Ashe Corvin, Hannah Foster/Talon

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Eric Draven “The Crow” Mask


“The Crow” Halloween Makeup, Eric Draven, Ashe Corvin, Hannah Foster/Talon

The Crow Comics by James OBar

If you’d like to reflect your love for the comic books, films or television series, The Crow, this Halloween, we found a great 3-part series for you to get your makeup just right!

The Crow is the protagonist in the James O’Barr comic book series, The Crow . He is the link between the living and the dead and has the ability to resurrect people who have been unjustly murdered.

Eric Draven is a poetic guitarist who is brought back to life by the Crow after he and his fiancé, Shelly, are murdered by a passing gang after being stranded on a lonely stretch of highway when their car breaks down.

Their souls cannot rest so a year after his death, Draven is brought back to earth to seek justice for himself and Shelly. He does this by helping others receive the justice he and Shelly were denied.

The Crow acts as a guide for Eric in the land of the living after his “rebirth” and leads him to his killers.

In 1994, the character of Eric Draven in The Crow movie was played by Brandon Lee. It’s unfortunate that this movie version is probably more well known for the fact that it’s lead actor, Lee, was accidentally killed by a malfunctioning prop gun during the making of the movie instead of Lee’s stellar performance in the film.


“The Crow” Halloween Makeup, Eric Draven

In the movie, Eric Draven wears a distinctive style of makeup which he copies from a masquerade mask. This mask previously hung on the wall in the apartment Eric and Shelly shared together.

Using white paint on his whole face, Eric then darkens his eyes with black paint and vertical lines over and under his eyes. The look is completed with black lips and a horizontal line extending out from the corners of his mouth.

In the first video (above), of 3 The Crow makeup tutorials by Pauline Precious, Pauline takes viewers step-by-step through the process of achieving the Eric Draven makeup look.


“The Crow” Halloween Makeup, Ashe Corvin

The undead character of Ashe Corvin first appears in the 1996 film, The Crow: City of Angels. Ashe joins the ranks of the undead after he and his son, Danny, are murdered by a drug gang. The makeup worn by Ashe is slightly different than that of Eric Draven.

See this video below to get the Ashe Corvin makeup look:



“The Crow” Halloween Makeup, Hannah Foster/Talon

In 1999, we meet Talon in the television episode, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven “Birds of a Feather”. Hannah Foster becomes, Talon, the first female Crow, when she returns to life after she and her daughter are murdered by Hannah’s colleague, Slaughter. Talon also wears a similar style of make to that of Eric Draven.

See this video below to get the Hannah Foster/ Talon look:


Click below to get all the supplies you need for “The Crow” Makeup to become Eric Draven, Ashe Corvin or Hannah Foster/Talon this Halloween:


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